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Carrot Seed Oil

Carrot Seed Oil


  • Description

    Carrot seed oil is derived from the dried seeds of the wild carrot plant (Daucus carota) of the Apiaceae or Umbelliferae family. Its plant source is an annual or biennial plant with hairy leaves and umbels of white lacy flowers and purple centers. Also popularly called wild Queen Anne's lace, its native origins can be traced back to Egypt, France and India.Carrot seed oil has a viscous consistency, a yellowish-brown color and a distinct woody, earthy and root-like fragrance.


    Uses of Carrot Seed Oil


    In traditional Chinese medicine, carrot seed oil has been proven to treat dysentery and to expel worms. But apart from these uses, it is also frequently:

    •Added into spicy foods and sauces in many Asian cuisines3

    •Mixed with other oils to infuse a woody note in Oriental and aldehydic perfumes

    •Used as a massage oil or bath oil to ease muscle pain

    •Used as a lotion to naturally and effectively tan and moisturize the skin


    Physico Chemical Properties:


    Specification Limit
    COLOR Light Yellow
    REFRACTIVE INDEX at 20°C 1.4900 to 1.5000
    SPECIFIC GRAVITY at 20°C 0.9400 to 0.9600
    OPTICAL ROTATION +15° to +30°
    ACID No. up to 4.


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