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Passion Fruit Oil

Passion Fruit Oil


  • Description

    Passion fruit oil is cold pressed from the dark-brown seeds of the passion fruit. We are offering you organic virgin passion fruit oil. Natural Bliss passion fruit oil is wild harvested from the Amazon rain forest in Brazil. It is pure and undiluted. Because it is unrefined it maintains its natural color, aroma and nutrient content. In short, we offer the highest quality of Passion Fruit Oil.


    Passion Fruit Oil (Maracuja Oil) Nutrients:


    Passion Fruit Seed Oil is loaded with many nutrient. Maracuja oil is high in vitamins A and C, in effect slowing down the visible appearance of aging. Passion fruit offers minerals such as: calcium, iron, copper, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus supports healthy skin. In addition, the essential fatty acids present in maracuja oil provides moisture and improves skin firmness. Lastly, Maracuja oil also contains antioxidants, and as a result it helps to fight damaging free radicals.




    Maracuja oil has a light and non-greasy texture. In fact, it absorbs right into the skin. With this in mind, passion seed oil does not clog the pores. For this reason, it is suitable for all skin types. Passion seed oil is especially helpful to premature aging by boosting collagen formation. It helps treat acne by decreasing skin inflammation. In effect, it protects the skin from scars and blemishes. Maracuja oil penetrates into skin thus improving softness to dry skin types.


    Maracuja Oil For Hair


    Passion fruit oil as a hair moisturizer. It is known to condition dry, brittle and damaged hair.

    Try using passion fruit oil as a hot oil treatment or as a scalp moisturizer. Because maracuja is so nutrient rich it encourages healthy hair growth. It also provides a natural sheen to dull hair.

    In summary, passion seed oil is an all in one moisturizer. Use it for the face, body and hair. It also serves as an excellent massage oil for muscle aches due its mild sedative properties.


    Passion Fruit Seed Oil is recommended for:


    Aging and Mature Skin

    Dry and Itchy or Cracked Skin

    Dry, Brittle and Damaged Hair

    Massage for muscular aches and swelling

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