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Beta Caryophyllene

Beta Caryophyllene


  • Description

    Caryophyllene is a natural sequiterpene which is present in many essential oils like clove oil. It is present in rosemary oil, hemp and hops. It is also one of the chemical compounds which contribute to the spiciness of black pepper. It is present in essential oils like cannabis, black caraway, cloves, basil, oregano, West African pepper, lavender, rosemary, cinnamon, malabathrum, cananga odorata, copaiba oil etc. Copaiba oil contains the highest amount of beta-caryophyllene among the available essential oils. It contains 55% beta caryophyllene and this makes copaiba a better option while dealing with minor physical discomfort. When taken internally it provides support to the digestive tract. The herbal character of caryophyllene contributes to the finished beer and its boiling emphasizes the flavour. Beta caryophyllene blends well with sweet woody spice clove dry woody dusty oily Woody-spicy dry and tenacious odour -clove like- Gums.


    Different Uses of Beta- Caryphyllene


    Beta-caryphyllene is an anti-inflammatory drug and is non-steroidal. It is an analgesic, antipyretic and has platelet inhibitory actions. It is a substance which is widely in used in the manufacture of perfumes because of its attractive smell. Beta-caryphyllene is used to modulate the body's response to irritation. Beta-caryphyllene is found in spice blends, citrus flavours, soaps, detergents, lotions and creams and in many varieties of food and beverage products. It is anti-inflammatory, local anesthetic and has antifungal properties. It is an effective medicine to treat anxiety and depression. Beta-caryophyllene is non-toxic bio-available and potent CB2 receptor agonist in vivo and it shows protective and therapeutic effects in preclinical studies.


    More Uses


    Research has shown that CB2 selective cannabinoids are excellent in combating many inflammatory disorders like arthritis, bladder cystitis, multiple sclerosis and HIV related dementia without getting high on marijuana. It has the power to act as an analgesic and relieve pain. It is antibacterial and slows the growth of the bacteria. In a systematic way it reduces inflammation and inhibits cancer cell growth. It slows down the damage to the nervous system and the brain. Studies have shown that beta-caryophyllene is used as part of the chemotherapy medicine for cancer of different types.


    Physico Chemical Properties:


    Specification Limit
    Formula C15H24
    Boiling point 130 °C
    Molar mass 204.36 g/mol
    Density 905 kg/m³
    CAS Number‎ 87-44-5


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