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  • Description

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    l-carvone is a Perfume and Flavor Component with a Refreshingly Cool, Minty Odor and Taste. It Finds Extensive Use in Flavor Oils such as Spearmint But is also Used in Spice and Floral Fragrances.

    l-carvone is Found in Spearmint and Kuromoji Oils. It is Used to Flavor Chewing Gum. Carvone is a Widely Used for the Flavouring of Many Kinds of Food Products and Beverages, Especially in Liqueurs.

    It also Serves in Mouth Preparations, Gargles, Toothpastes and Pharmaceuticals. It is Used in Food, Flavours, Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical , Tobacco, Confectionery and Perfume Indusrties.


    Physico Chemical Properties


    Specification Limit
    mol. Weight 150.21
    formula C10h14o 
    other Name Carvol, 68(9)-p-menthadien-2-one, 1-methyl-4-isopropenyl-6-cyclohexen-2-one
    boiling Point 230-231
    cas 6485-40-1
    flash Point 90 - 92 C
    physical Appearance Colourless,Clear,Pale Yellow or Greenish Yellow Liquid
    odour/flavour a Aromatic & Minty Odour,That of Spearmint
    assay By Glc 97% L-carvone
    specific Gravity 0.9620 to 0.9660 
    refractive Index 1.4920 to 1,4950 
    optical Rotation  -56 to - 58
    acidity/alkalinity Neutral to Litmus 
    storage Keep in Cool Place


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