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Celery Seed Oil

Celery Seed Oil


  • Description

    Romans and Greeks grew celery for medicinal purposes. The Greeks also made a celery wine. Ayurvedic physicians in India have used celery seeds for thousands of years for water retention, indigestion and joint issues. Celery seeds are commonly used in Europe for gout as well as muscle and jointpains. Celery seed oil is derived from the seed, and is found in foods, perfumes, and soaps.


    Celery Seed Essential Oil Uses and Benefits


    This lovely essential oil has a history of medical uses for joint pain, indigestion, urinary problems. Documented use in aromatherapy as an analgesic, antiarthritic, anticonvulsive, antioxidant, antirheumatic, antispasmodic, aphrodisiac, carminative, cholagogue, diaphoretic, digestive, diuretic, hepatic, hypotensor, nervine, sedative, stimulant (uterine) stomachic, tonic, vulnerary.

    Celery seed essential oil can be used in an aroma lamp, bath, inhaler, lightbulb ring, massage, or mist spray.

    Some of the practical uses of celery seed oil is reduction in appearance of cellulite, cooling, calming and relaxing.


    Physico Chemical Properties:


    Specification Limit
    COLOUR Colorless to light yellow
    REFRACTIVE INDEX at 25°C 1.4700 to 1.4860
    SPECIFIC GRAVITY at 25°C 0.850 to 0.875
    OPTICAL ROTATION +60° to +80°
    ACID No Upto 5 


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