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  • Description

    IT occurs in essential oils, flowers (lily, tulip), fruits (apple, cherry) and used in fruity flavours and green note fragrance compounds for all purposes having olfactory note: strong, fresh, natural, green; taste: fat, stinging, fresh. It is used in Food, Flavours, Cosmetics, Confectionery and Perfume Indusrtries.

    On ditution Leaf Alcohol has an odor characterstic of grass and fresh green leaves. It give a strong odor but not as pungent.

    It is used in high quality perfume compositions, where a note of grss and green leaves is desired.


    Physico Chemical Properties


    Specification Limit
    Mol. Weight 100.16
    FORMULA C6 H12 O
    OTHER NAME CIS-3-HEXEN-1-OL, Leaf Alcohol
    BOILING POINT  156-167
    CAS NO.  928-96-1
    FEMA NO. 2563
    Physical Appearance Colourless, clear mobil oil
    Odour/Flavour A characterstic aromatic GREEN LEAFY odour
    Specific Gravity 0.840 TO 0.850
    Refractive Index  1.435 TO 1.445 
    Optical Rotation +1 TO -1
    Acidity/Alkalinity Neutral to Litmus 
    Storage Keep in cool place


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