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Clove Bud Oil

Clove Bud Oil


  • Description

    Cloves are found in Maluku Island in Indonesia, Most of the parts of India, Zanzibar, Madagascar and also in Pakistan.

    The clove essential oil needs both ample sunlight and moist to grow .it is taken from clove trees, which are grown till the height of 12 m then the flower buds are visible on this evergreen tree, which change their pale color to green and then to red and are ready to get separated from the tree. These flowers buds which are not opened yet are dried to make clove, which is available in market for sale.

    The history of the clove plant is 350 and 400 years old, as it is quoted somewhere in the history that AFO was the oldest tree of clove till a French man stole the seedlings of the tree from Tidore and brought it to France and then they were further transferred to Zanzibar (one of the major producer of cloves in present).Spice Island or Maluku (included :Bacan, Makian, Moti, Ternate, and Tidore was the only native island till the seedling was stolen from Tidore.

    Dry or wet flower buds are steam distilled as commonly done for extracting most of the essential oils


    Commonly known Benefits


    • Clove essential oil is traditionally used for tooth aches and are good pain killers for instant relief of teeth.
    • Meals can never be completed without clove essential oil but overuse of it can spoil your recipe too.
    • In big hotels cloves are used for decorative purposes too
    • Cloves are used for flavoring many desserts and dishes and to add a strong aroma in the flavor
    • Good for digestive purpose
    • To spice meats
    • Helps to cure diarrhea and stomach infections
    • Most of the Chinese and Ayurvedic medicines have clove oil as an essential ingredient.
    • It helps to regulate nerve system
    • Diluted clove oil can be converted into good body massage oil.
    • Popularly used in most of the mouth wash and also supportive in disinfecting the rooms.
    • Used in love potions too.
    • Clove essential oil is common oil and almost everyone is aware of its benefits because of its glorious history and reckless use since centuries. As it is supportive to create numbness in the oral tissues but should not be used while getting root canal or after that as it can create reaction with the chemicals and can cause harm.


    Physico Chemical Properties:


    Specification Limit
    Botanical Name Syzygiumaromaticum
    Family name Myrtle family
    Common Name Clove
    Part used flower buds which are not opened yet are dried to make clove
    Specific Gravity   1.0340 - 1.0450
    Refractive Index 1.5275 - 1.5375
    Optical Rotation -2.00 to 1.00
    Odor Spicy hot penetrating
    Blends Well With Basil, lavender, sandalwood, ginger, benzoin, clary sage and cinnamon.
    Uses Tea spices, herbal teas are made tasty by the use of cloves, decorations on salads are also done.


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