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  • Description

    Gamma-Terpinene is a monoterpene and a major component of essential oils made from citrus fruits and shows strong antioxidant activity in various assay systems.

    Gamma-Terpinene has a characteristic lemon odor of rather low tenacity. It's not as lemony, but warmer than alpha-Terpinene. It has a slightly bitter, herbaceous and citrus-like taste at concentrations. 
    It is one of the most important aromatic isolates used widly in Food, Flavours, Soaps, Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical , Tobacco, Confectionery and Perfume Indusrties. It is also used in compounds.


    Physico Chemical Properties


    Specification Limit
    Other Name 1-Isopropyl-4-methyl-1,4-cyclohexadiene; p-Mentha-1,4-diene 
    CAS: 99-85-4 
    FORMULA C10H16 
    Mol .Weight 136.24     
    Appearance Clear, nearly-colorless liquid.
    Odor Citrus-type
    specific gravity 0.84100 - 0.84500
    Refractive Index @ 20°C 1.472 to 1.477
    Assay 97.00 - 100.00 %   
    Boiling Point °C 182°C
    Solubility in 80% Alcohol V/V 1 in 20


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