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Davana Oil

Davana Oil

Other Name : artemisia pallens wall. Oil artemisia pallens herb oil 
CAS No. 8016-03-3
Flash Point > 93.33 °C.

Physical Appearance : Golden yellow to light brown, slight viscous liquid
Odour/Flavour : very aromatic some what balsamic persistent odour. 
Assay by GLC : 50% MIN.
Specific Gravity : 0.942 to 0.970 
Refractive Index : 1.4750 to 1,4990
Optical Rotation : +40 to +60
Acidity/Alkalinity : Neutral to Litmus
Storage : Keep in cool place

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    The essential oil of davana is widely used in food flavouring and perfumery industries. It is extensively used in flavorings of food, liquor and pastry industries besides perfumery.

    India is the only producer and exporter of Davana oil. 

    Davana Oil is obtained by steam distillation of the overground parts of the flowering herb, Artemisia Pallens wall. The plant grows in the same parts of southern India where also sandalwood is grown. Davana Oil is very dark green or brownish green in color. Its odor is sharp, penetrating, bitter green, foliage like and powerfully herbaceous with a sweet balsamic, tenacious backnote.

    Uses :- in Food, Flavor, Cosmetic, Pharmaceuticals, Tobacco and Perfume Industries

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