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Basil Oil

Basil Oil

Physical Appearance : Pale yellow to amber yellow clear liquid
Odour/Flavour : Fresh spicy herbaceous rather dry anise odor with warm spicy dry out
Methyl Chavicol : 71% to 76% 
Linalool : 15% to 23%
Specific Gravity : 0.9400 to 0.9700 
Refractive Index : 1.500 to 1.530
Optical Rotation : -1 to -9
Acidity/Alkalinity : Neutral to Litmus
Solubility : Soluble in 1 volume of 90% alcohol clear operlescent with more.
Storage : Keep in cool place

  • Basil oil is obtained by steam distillation of the whole plants. It is an annual of Libiate family crop, harvesting period of herb in India is October November.

    The oil is used in Herbal and medicated fragrances for its unique odor. It is also used in manufacturing of Anethole and Linalool Basil oil has a warm, herbaceous scent. It is said to be useful in stimulating healthy hair growth and may be helpful to relieve fatigue. Used in a massage oil, it has a warming effect. Basil oil blends well with bergamot, geranium, hyssop, neroli, marjoram, melissa, lavender

    Uses :- In Food, Flavour, Cosmetic, Pharmaceuticals, Tobacco And Perfume Indusrties.

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