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  • Description

    Uses: - In Food, Flavor, Cosmetic, Pharmaceuticals, Tobacco and Perfume Industries.


    Physico Chemical Properties


    Specification Limit
    L-Menthone 80% TO 98% 
    Molecular Weight 154.24 
    Formula C10H18O
    Other Name P-Menthone-3-one, 1-Methyl-4-isopropylcyclohexan-3-one
    Boiling Point 208-210 
    Specifications not specified
    Odour/Flavour A characteristic aromatic and minty odour
    Assay by GLC  L-MENTHONE upto 98%
    Specific Gravity  0.890 to 0.902 
    Refractive Index 1.4470 to 1.4580
    Acidity/Alkalinity Neutral to Litmus 
    Storage Keep in a cool place


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