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Pine Needle Oil

Pine Needle Oil


  • Description

    Pine oil, also called pine nut oil, is derived from the needles of the Pinus sylvestris tree. Known for being cleansing, refreshing and invigorating, pine oil has a strong, dry, woodsy smell — some even say it resembles the scent of forests and balsamic vinegar.

    With a long and interesting history that stems back to use in ancient Greek civilizations, including by Hippocrates himself, pine oil is an age-old therapeutic method for cleansing, reducing pain, increasing energy and busting stress. Pinus sylvestris trees have been a very important timber tree in Romania for centuries, and their dried bark often accumulates as waste from wood processing. Luckily through steam distillation, pine essential oil can be created even from dead, fallen pine bark.

    Once bottled, this concentrated formula holds powerful active constituents that lower disease-causing inflammation, lift your mood through aromatherapy, as well as kill bacteria, fungi, yeast and pathogens. Proven to have the capability to purify air by helping to eliminate various toxins that can live within your home, pine oil is beneficial as an asthma natural remedy, a coughremedy, and can even alleviate allergies, respiratory infections and colds.

    Recently, it’s also been studied for its strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant constituents that can help battle cancer development and protect vital organs, including the brain, heart, liver and gut.

    As a detoxifying ingredient and natural disinfectant, pine oil is commonly used in massage oil blends, household cleaning products and air fresheners. It can stimulate blood flow and help decrease swelling, tenderness and pain within sore muscles or joints associated with inflammation.


    Pine essential oil benefits include


    Cleansing the home of bacteria, fungi, pathogens and yeast

    Killing odors and purifying the air

    Decreasing inflammation

    Decreasing allergies

    Fighting free radicals through the presence of antioxidants, including polyphenols

    Treating muscle aches and pain

    Energizing and lifting your mood and focus

    Pine oil is closely related to eucalyptus oil in terms of plant species and benefits, so they can be used somewhat interchangeably and are both considered “uplifting.” A great way to get even more benefits from pine oil is by combining it with eucalyptus or citrus oils, which all work similarly to fight inflammation, eliminate bacteria and odors, improve your mood, and heighten awareness.

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