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Rose Oil

Rose Oil


  • Description

    Rose flower is the most popular fragrant flower found in the world, and almost every human admires its aroma. Rose essential oil is steam distilled from the petals of the rose flowers, raw material is used in a huge quantity to produce a less quantity of oil yield of rose essential oil is very less as compared to other essential oils.

    The fragrance of original rose essential oil is very authentic and no other synthetic or chemically formed compound can replace it. Rose aroma is balancing, inspiring, rose symbolizes passion, luxury, it is also a good diet for sensitive skin but always use is not directly but with mixing is in jojoba oil.

    Historically rose was found in Persian gardens Persians were the first who distilled the rose oil from rose flowers, rose is also termed as a symbol of love. Rose aroma is always loved by woman and in aromatherapies the practitioners believe that rose oil is used widely in improving recovery rate and curing many alignments for women well been. It's a true feminine aroma. Rose oil blends well with patchouli oil makes a very romantic mix with sandalwood oil. Rose aroma has beautiful radiance and has always inspired poets and lovers.

    Rose oil is extracted from rose blossoms those flowers only contains about 0.02% of oil part, approximately it takes about 60,000 roses to extract rose oil 1 oz and ten thousand pound of flowers yields about one pound of rose essential oil, also extraction of rose essential oil with solvent is more efficient than steam distillation process. This is further refined to produce rose absolute from rose concrete.

    Rose absolute oil is refined from compounds from fresh rose flower's concrete which is thick, fragrant material extracted out of roses through solvent distillation. Absolutes are generally extracted from concrete with pure alcohol, the alcohol dissolves the oil part from the concrete and the other unwanted fats and acids are further filtered and removed.

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