Sweet Basil Oil

Sweet Basil Oil

Physical Appearance : Colourless,clear to Light pale yellow 
Odour/Flavour : A characterstic aromatic odour
Specific Gravity : 0.860 to 0.950 
Refractive Index : 1.460 to 1.510
Optical Rotation : - 3 to - 15 
Acidity/Alkalinity : Neutral to Litmus
Storage : Keep in cool place

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    Uses :- in Food, Flavor, Cosmetic, Pharmaceuticals, Tobacco and Perfume Industries.

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Gyan Flavours Export is one of the leading Manufacturer and Exporter of Essential Oils, Aromatic Chemical, Spice Oils, Carrier Oils. Our company has been catering to the requirements of various essential oil and allied products in the Indian market to various multinationals for the past 40 years and now we are a well-established and reputed name in the Indian industry. We began with the sales in the local Indian market and gradually expanded our operations to International Markets.